A new era of ShremHouse…

2 min readApr 7, 2022


The ShremHouse official token (SHE) is launched successfully on PancakeSwap!

> Why SHE?

ShremHouse was born for the extraordinary!

$ SHE = ShremHouse Extraordinary

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

ShremHouse Official token ANNOUNCE

Official smart contract address on BSC:

SHE: 0x0Dd0Dd3C4AC3739697B6e698329A96b9C47c9abf

> Important to know for all ShremHouse members:

If you attended MetaTicket public test events, and hold SHREM test token, please claim your official SHE token here: https://shrem.io > Exchange

The next stage …

🔜 ShremHouse Strongest Consensus Trading Plan

⚙️ “Sell yourself, buy together” Program

You can sell official $SHE token whenever you want, but we buy together!

You can get the $SHE token ONLY through the ShremHouse events.

❤️Let’s decide together how high $SHE will fly …

So next question will be -

> Why the current $SHE can only be sold but not bought?

Since the opening of MetaTicket Pool, early contributors of ShremHouse have worked together with the community to make continuing improvements in each round, as well as setting up the fine taxation mechanism for ShremHouse Treasury. It was the mission of the ShremHouse Treasury to make us realize that it had to use taxes to feed back its liquidity, and we didn’t want other DEX market makers, trade robots … to be unnecessary distractions to project experiment during this period.

There are mainly three reasons:

1. In order to prepare jointly with the community to determine the final ticket pool system, making it fair, reasonable and sustainable.

2. In order to give well-deserved returns to our early supporters, avoid the risks of premature free trade.

3. The free trade of DEX means that it is highly likely that early contributors might break the ground rule of “Tokens are 100% generated by community”, which should have been decided by community proposals.

With all been said, we strive for that the community, together with the early contributors, will make final decision on the free trade time of ShremHouse through submitting proposal, for the ultimate goal of letting ShremHouse fly to Moon.




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