April Plan of ShremHouse

2 min readMar 30, 2022


To ShremHouse DAO members:

Here’s a letter from an early contributor. We have been guiding and following the development of ShremHouse with all contributors, improving Ticket Pool and Regeneration Pool times under community discussions. During this time, there have been many exciting moments in the community, and it was these moments that made the community believe in ShremHouse and grow rapidly.

Now, we are happy to announce that the official ShremHouse token has passed the smart contract audition, which means LAUNCH is counting down.

Please stay tuned to us all community members, you’ll know everything soon.

Here’s what ShremHouse will be working on in April:

· Claim test tokens from available official tokens;
Test tokens obtained through ShremHouse tickets will be able to be exchanged for BEP-20 tokens through the official website.

·Launch token listing and trading on PancakeSwap;
We will launch PancakeSwap at the opening time of the SuperShrem Pool plan, and will use 20% of the treasury revenue to repurchase tokens. During this period, any user who has participated in ShremHouse ticket interaction will be allowed to sell tokens. The channel for ShremHouse tokens will only have ShremHouse tickets and SuperShrem Pool activities until the SuperShrem Pool plan is completed, and tokens can be purchased directly through the LP pool.

· Launched the SuperShrem Pool plan;
The SuperShrem Pool plan is epic, and the event will last about 15–20 days. The specific event plan will be announced on Twitter. It will be epic and everyone will benefit from it.

· Further marketing development…
If all goes well, we will make the community proposal public in April. We’re ready to build ShremHouse with community members and it’s going to be epic.





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