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5 min readDec 20, 2021


Our planet is irreversibly sinking into Agricultural Involution due to the sudden stagnation of technological dividends. Despite X-space and Blue Origin have put space immigration on the business agenda, its cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars has made it a luxury that the public cannot afford. Capital-driven technology is controlling society, and every information in private life is controlled by data giants. As the situation continues to deteriorate unstoppably, meta-universe may be the only way out for ordinary people.

In his book, Neal Stephenson defines meta-universe as a technology-based metaspace that has an economic purpose (you are allowed to use native currency to generate transactions and profits) and communicates in the same virtual space through different devices.

Making people’s desires stuck in the digital world and ending meaningless consumption are the meanings of Metaverse. Most of the increments of Metaverse are the replacement of the backward production capacity in the old world, which will bring new production capacity into the virtual economy. The boundary between virtual and reality is quickly eliminated along with all realities of old world — epidemics, electronic opium, data taxes, privacy leaks, class involution etc.

The Metaverse leads human society to the next round of paradigm shifts, which will happen first in the game field and nurture new production relations. Traditional games deplete time to exchange pleasure, nothing more; in the Metaverse, emotions become a new increment that can measure value and exchange value. We believe that DAO is a new economy that extradite ordinary people from reality to virtual. DAO distributes NFT through behaviors (game, social, etc.) in the Metaverse to generate spreads, and turns the spreads into asset value through DeFi,listing and circulates on Web 3.

We have this great new technology that allows us to automate a basic method — the Shrem team hopes to establish a decentralized metaverse organization (DAO), including investment funds, P2E (play-to-earn) commissions, BBS forums, GameFi, and on-chain asset markets, which will enable any ordinary citizen to participate in Metaverse in a “zero” state and obtain fair returns in the open financial movement.

Our vision is to make ShremHouse a decentralized metaverse “institution” and complete its basic mission. We hope to work with members to jointly invest in the elements of the metaverse field — blockchain project, 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, games, brain-computer interaction and other companies, for the ultimate arrival of the metaverse .

ShremHouse is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO); it is a metaverse; it is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC); it is an open financial movement.It is what defined by members. In our vision, Shrem will grow in a “zero” state with every member of the DAO organization and become the most trusted partner.

ShremHouse is used to issue Metaverse tickets,create BBS forums, invest in metaverse and chain games (FT and NFT) assets, and provide on-chain services in virtual worlds. The mission of the ShremHouse is to create the world’s largest shared virtual economy and become a decentralized metaverse institution to create maximum value for all members, including gamers, artists and content creators.

ShremHouse = ?

Shrem is a highly empowered, diverse, vibrant and inclusive ecosystem and community.

The underlying logic of constructing ShremHouse ecology is to reflect the value of the real world from the basic economics of the meta-universe. Located at the intersection of culture and currency, Shrem combines existing multifaceted applications in the encryption field (such as the DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi and NFT markets) with on-chain games to create new value. It implements community autonomy through intelligent contracts to execute various instructions and votes through a distributed network of token holders to reach a consensus through DAO.

Account service: provide discount sales, recovery, rental, loan and other services for the accounts of games on the chain. House members can get part of the rewards in the corresponding game when they directly or indirectly use account assets, the rest will become DAO’s revenue.

P2E commission: According to different game types, it will provide players with customized commission work. ShremHouse will connect the commission demander and the commission supplier to ensure the commission, and charge service fees as the income of DAO.

Metaverse Investment: ShremHouse will select games and Metaverse Company based on DAO proposals and make investments. Members who voluntarily participate in the investment will share the investment returns and risks. Shrem will issue specific NFTs to realize the process of fund investment, and NFTs will support free transactions to represent the free transfer of equity.

Funding plan: For high-quality game projects (such as Axie Infinity), Shrem launches targeted grants. Players who successfully apply can enter the game for little or free and start earning in-game tokens.

Governance model: support and only support community participation in DAO governance through proposals and votes.

Economic system: establish a token economic system corresponding to DAO governance.

BBS Forum: Content creators can benefit from producing high-quality game content on the Shrem forum. With the construction of the forum, various third-party medias will be attracted to settle in and expand ShremHouse’s influence; ShremHouse will also receive sponsorship and advertising fees, which will become DAO’s income.

Discord Community: build a multilingual community on Discord and organize activities in the community.

Shrem Grant: Only those gameplays with the following “play and make money” modes can enter the Shrem Grant list:

a. A fictitious economy with original tokens.

b. A virtual economy that allows players to be rewarded with native tokens in the game.

c. A fictitious economy in which the original token has full liquidity or liquidity potential.

GameFi Pool: establish a liquidity service based on Shrem tokens, where members can obtain liquidity returns on all kinds of encrypted assets through pledge, exchange and loans.

Chain Tour Asset Market: establish a real-time NFT trading market to provide members with the necessary and discounted game tool NFT.

Museum of Art: establish a NFT market for art collections for collectors around the world to purchase and collect.

Museum: establish a NFT market for art collections for collectors around the world to purchase and collect . Digital artist can benefit more by producing high-quality digital artwork.

The metaverse has just begun, and #Shrem has also begun



ShremHouse is?

ShremHouse is used to issue Meta Universe tickets, create BBS forums, invest in Metaverse and on-chain games (FT and NFT) assets, and provide on-chain services in the virtual world.

The mission of ShremHouse is to create the world’s largest shared virtual economy, to become the product factory of Metaverse, and to create the greatest value for all guild members including players, artists and content creators.

ShremHouse’s vision is to become the world’s first decentralized meta universe investment institution.




A decentralized venture based on DAO; Focus on Metaverse and Web3; Its vision is to become the world's first decentralized Metaverse investment institution.