How to join ShremHouse Metaverse

4 min readDec 28, 2021


Welcome to “ShremHouse”

From the birth of mankind 5 million years ago to the present, civilization has never been as rich as it is now. However, before the second industrial revolution, mankind was only a small step forward from the primitive stage, but after this step, human technology has been like Get on the shuttle and iterate quickly.

The key point of human development is an extremely accidental event in history, and the occurrence of this event will promote humanity to make great progress near infinite in a short period of time.

“Our future is not to experience evolution again, but to experience explosions.”
— Ray Kurtzville

Have you ever thought about this moment:
You will be the singularity of another universe.
Everything about the physical rules and chemical composition of this universe will be created by you.

Live,trading, investment, discussion

Can be implemented in the dungeon world

What are we going to do?

We are going to be a land bridge-linking the real universe and the meta universe:

We are composed of multiple parts:

Shrem Forum (the place of origin),

Shrem DEX (trade fair),SubDAO (council),Shrem Guild Games (adventurer’s house),Shrem MetaFunds (meta universe fund)…

Shrem Forum — — This is where the most cutting-edge information in the meta-universe is recorded. Every inhabitant of the meta-universe can freely discuss, publish, and record your experience in the meta-universe;

Shrem DEX-the digital asset trading center for residents of Meta Universe;

SubDAO-the council of residents of the place where Shrem originated, discussing proposals made by residents;

Shrem Guild Games — — the home of meta-universe adventurers, can receive various meta-universe bounty missions; Shrem

MetaFunds-a foundation used to invest in the construction of the meta universe, Shrem will move towards DAC from here;

who are we?

Shrem Guild Games (SGG) is a Meme token; it is a meta-universe;
It is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO);
It will be a decentralized company (DAC);
It is an open financial movement.
It is a game about games.
What is it? Defined by members.
But in our vision,
Shrem will grow with each member of the DAO organization in a “zero” state,
Become the most trustworthy partner of Metaworld.


Our long-term vision is to make Metaverse a second way of life for the inhabitants of the real world, and a land bridge between the real world and the Metaverse. We don’t want to make him just a slogan, we will take action.

The specific action plan can be seen in the white paper.

Why should we enter the meta universe? This is not to escape the real world. On the contrary, it provides a new job, money, and friends in a different time and space, so that we can live better in the real world.

How to join ShremHouse

The Shrem team is achieving a great cause. We need community volunteers, sponsors, fans, engineers, influencers, everyone has different skills and needs. Therefore, we are creating an incentive plan “choose your own adventure in Shrem” mode.

We will provide different growth paths, and each growth path can get different equity NFTs. These NFTs will form a collection that can unlock additional benefits. Donations, construction, transactions, participation in activities, purchase of assets and games are all possible to obtain NFT. The obtained NFT will have unique privileges and designs, and limited edition NFTs will be provided for different occasions and themes.

The benefits of these NFTs may be that all the rights and interests that are conducive to the growth of Shrem, such as game product drops, game IDO lists, and SGG tokens, will be minted into NFTs. We also hope to mint these collectibles through some major PFP NFTs. , So that you can become a symbiotic relationship with Shrem.

Shrem source stone

Shrem Source Stone is prepared for those members who have made special contributions to the early growth of Shrem. The rights and interests it contains will be the most valuable in the NFT forged in other growth paths of Shrem in the future, because they are the ones who need help most in Shrem. Provided assistance at the time, they are the cornerstone of Shrem’s growth.

How to get Shrem source stone?

A total of 10 Shrem source stones are issued, and the equity contained in each NFT is the right to obtain 1% of all DAO income accumulated by ShremHouse within a certain time (t), and the right to vote in the early DAO corresponding to the founder. You will be a shareholder of Shrem. We will set the initial value of t after the mainnet is launched. It is also the time period for ShremHouse to publish financial statements. The proposal from the DAO may change the subsequent value of t.

We will cast them one after another, and maybe you will find them in NFT squares such as Opensea, Rarible, Foundation, etc. soon.

ShremHouse Ticket

How to get ShremHouse Tickets?

If you want to join the Shremhouse community, I think through the ShremHouse ticket is the easiest way. A Shremhouse ticket will not only make you a member of the Shremhouse community, you can also get a lucky lottery ticket. May Goddess bless you.

Don’t worry, no one will be a loser

We will use a shared prize pool to raise 9000BNB≈5000000USDT as the start-up capital of Venture DAO. This is an interesting way. We will not give up our starting point. We want to become a Venture DAO, which every member of the community can enjoy. To the return of investing in Meta Universe.

This will be a victory for the common people




A decentralized venture based on DAO; Focus on Metaverse and Web3; Its vision is to become the world's first decentralized Metaverse investment institution.